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Ethno coffee shop, placed inside of the Vidikovac tower, the highest spot in the city, with amazing view on the valley of rivers Bosna, Spreca and Usora, and mountains Ozren, Trebava and Krnjin. Whole inside design is quite intimate, identical to design of old Bosnian houses with typical windows, replicas of authentic furniture, antiques, art gallery and pleasant ethno music typical only for Balkans region.

Coffee shop is made for visitors, but it can be used for business meetings, conferences, etc, with capacity up to 40 people. You can get an unforgettable view from the porches, with authentic replicas of catapult, cannons, theatre…


designed and built of Pint tree using old building techniques is authentic fun oasis for children under 14 years old. There are slides, seesaws, swings, sandboxes, watch towers, and other details interesting for children. Near the playground, there are wooden benches and tables of the ethno coffee, placed there for parents and children to rest and refresh.



Weddings at the fortress, new service of Municipality Doboj and Organization for development of regional tourism, prepared for couples for whom wedding is not just a ceremony, but much more, original and traditional.


ARENA THEATHRE "Castrum Doboy"

Arena theatre is the most significant place of cultural life in Doboj. Theatre is made for concerts, performances, poet nights, choir and traditional performances and other events. Capacity of the theatre is 300 sitting and 200 standing places. Behind the stage, there is a view on the lights of Doboj, which makes vents even more beautiful and distinctive.


For all the information about hiring theatre, click here, and for info about events click here.



Welcoming, every over-aged visitor is welcomed with homemade brandy (Rakija) “Medovaca”, made according to traditional formula. Medovaca is served by a knight, in front of his watch tower, at the entrance to the fortress. Medovaca is balmy drink and traditional drink of the old Slavs and watchers of the fort. .

History classes at the fort

History classes at the fort, for organized visits (student groups, seminars, conferences, etc), visitors have unique opportunity to listen to a history class by the guides dressed like medieval princes and princesses. For more info click here.


Souvenir shop

Souvenir shop, To pleasantly surprise those who you love, inside the Vidikovac tower, there is a souvenir shop. Great selection of souvenirs with motif of the fortress and homemade unique artifacts.


Mysteries of the hallways

Mysteries of the hallways, Fortress was built on the volcano hill. At the bottom of the hill, there are plenty of cracks which, presumably, are network of hallways to the fortress. Since the temperature inside is quite low, merchants of that time used them to store their drinks and food. Hallways are hard to access and not discovered yet.


Replicas of old weapons and antiques

Replicas of old weapons and antiques, make special glamour on Doboj fortress, and takes you back to middle age, bringing you mystery of the past. Imagine pulling the strings on the catapult, made by sketches of Leonardo Da Vinci.


Slikanje sa vitezom

Svaki posjetilac može da se slika sa dobojskim vitezovima i princezama. Za posjetioce koji žele nešto više obezbijeđene su srednjovjekovne podaničke odore koje se mogu iznajmiti za potrebe fotografisanja.


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